Keep it Cute, and to the point!

Photo by Harper Sunday from Pexels

I recently visited Kingstree, SC. It was fun and proved that you could find story inspiration ANYWHERE.

Don’t stress it; I will share the wealth. Stop by and subscribe to the Sassy Youtube channel to learn how I found book writing inspiration in a very unusual place. Videos are coming soon!

Utterly void of wifi and cell phone signal, It was the perfect time to re-read Bonnie. Bonnie is my latest project, an urban novel unfolding the life of the woman beside Clyde.

Trust me, she’s lit!

During reading, I realized I said a whole lot only to tell a little. A common issue in writing, but its not a cute issue.

Check out five ways to tell a story and get to the point without losing your audience.

The Sassy Writer

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