You should think about this when setting goals this year!

Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels

So now that we are at the midpoint of January let’s talk goals.


Yes, Goals!

So, each year, I set goals about how I’m going to do everything under the sun, and I do some of them, but never all of them. I always have some pseudo-deep reason lined with some sense of altruism as to why I am going to save the world via my goals for the current year.

Yea, so about that.

Well, this year I, did the same thing I did any other year. I set goals and one, in particular, is lined with altruism, but this time is not pseudo-deep, but quite to the point.

I set goals because I want to help people and because, well, dammit, I wanted different from last year!

I am a writer. I write stuff that people enjoy reading. My place of expertise is fiction. I enjoy telling tales.

Wait, did you catch that? A little literary humor. Haha, I crack myself up!

But, I also love reading fiction. I love books in general, and as a kid, I had a residence in my neighborhood library!

I wanted to make that a thing for all little bookworms, those who know they are and others who have yet to discover it.

So, I started The Sassy Writer to inspire writers to bring out the badass inside of them and write dope books!

I also designed a few sassy shirts that help you express yourself, as well as give books back to those little bookworms we mentioned earlier.

So, visit me at The Sassy Writer, and learn something new. Buy a t-shirt, let everyone know you stopped by and helped get a book in someone’s hand.

Stay along for the ride!