Noyek interviews with Virendra Soni of Burning Desire

Noyek is an acclaimed author and word enthusiast who has written two books. She is the founder of The Sassy Writer brand, with which she aims to nurture the confidence in new and seasoned writers, connecting them through different resources and the art of writing.

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Story-time: Lyric Returns to the Stage

I walked out, head held high. With each step, I felt more freedom than the last. My life unfolded at a bird’s eye view, as my past grew distant. I stared out into the crowd stepping my way into a future that no longer was red and dusty beneath my feet yet bold and black. It even provided a little soundtrack –

Click. Clack.

 I passed so many people. I thought I knew a few, but they didn’t seem to recognize me. That was strange. With a dismal glance, I continued my stride forward. 

As I continued to move forward, my background music leading me on, I got the strangest feeling. Did I leave something back home? I checked my bag; everything was there. My pocket had just a few coins from when I used to need bus fare. Another beggar pulled my arm, asking for spare change.

“Not now,” I hissed. “I don’t have any besides I think I left something back home.”

I stopped a second, tried to focus my mind, and remember.”Was it my-“

“Try your soul,” the beggar I’d dismissed handed me his sign. It said: HELP ME. I”VE LOST MY WAY.

He stood back, shaking his head with sadness and said, “the warm thing that pierces your body and fills it with love. Your conscience, that voice that reminds you of where you come from and leads you to where you’re going. You know the thing that kept you humbled. But you, don’t worry about it; you’re too far gone.” 

A deep sigh escaped Lyric’s lips. She couldn’t hear the crowd; she didn’t know if they loved or hated it. All she knew is that she’d spoken her peace and now she was free.

Based on the novel, Dear Infatuated.

Storytime: If She Won’t, I Will

Victoria Albino Photgraphy

The smell of bacon and sweet waffle batter filled the air. I inhaled deeply.

Hmmm, another late night at Atlanta’s finest cuisine spot – Waffle House. Save your sympathy. These make for some of the most eventful nights of my life.

“Two waffles, four pieces of bacon, and orange juice. Thank you.”

I handed the sticky menu to the waitress. Great place, excellent food, but it wouldn’t hurt to wipe the menus down.

“Oh, excuse me, ma’am,” I called after her. “Can you make that orange juice a large, please?”

She nodded and carried on.

“I’m saying, man. It’s been rough, no action in the last two months. All she’s been talking about is work and what ain’t going on at her girlfriend’s house-,” a sexy baritone carried on in a conversation.

“Hmm,” I thought, “he sounds kind of fine.”

Pulling my compact mirror out of my bag, I just had to see. I had to check my gloss and hair, and I peeked the source of the voice. This brother was everything. His dark skin was every piece of chocolate I’ve ever fantasized about. A strong jawline and those lips needed to be on mine.

He continued to complain to his friend about the things “she” wasn’t doing. Whoever “she” was had a problem. The waitress arrived with my food. I thanked her and wasted no time. I was starving, and it was hitting the spot. I ate In silence, but my mind continued to roam and probe the brother behind me. His voice was causing moist spots in my panties and noticeable impressions in my T-shirt. I finished up my meal and left the waitress a tip. But, I couldn’t walk out the door without doing the same for him. Grabbing a pen and scrap of paper from my bag, I scribbled him a little note. A lingering moment by his table prompted the eye contact I needed. I used it to my advantage.

Without a word, I handed him the note and left the diner. “IF SHE WON’T. I WILL- CALL ME 678-555-5706.”

I barely reached the corner before my phone went off.

Keep it Cute, and to the point!

Photo by Harper Sunday from Pexels

I recently visited Kingstree, SC. It was fun and proved that you could find story inspiration ANYWHERE.

Don’t stress it; I will share the wealth. Stop by and subscribe to the Sassy Youtube channel to learn how I found book writing inspiration in a very unusual place. Videos are coming soon!

Utterly void of wifi and cell phone signal, It was the perfect time to re-read Bonnie. Bonnie is my latest project, an urban novel unfolding the life of the woman beside Clyde.

Trust me, she’s lit!

During reading, I realized I said a whole lot only to tell a little. A common issue in writing, but its not a cute issue.

Check out five ways to tell a story and get to the point without losing your audience.

The Sassy Writer

You should think about this when setting goals this year!

Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels

So now that we are at the midpoint of January let’s talk goals.


Yes, Goals!

So, each year, I set goals about how I’m going to do everything under the sun, and I do some of them, but never all of them. I always have some pseudo-deep reason lined with some sense of altruism as to why I am going to save the world via my goals for the current year.

Yea, so about that.

Well, this year I, did the same thing I did any other year. I set goals and one, in particular, is lined with altruism, but this time is not pseudo-deep, but quite to the point.

I set goals because I want to help people and because, well, dammit, I wanted different from last year!

I am a writer. I write stuff that people enjoy reading. My place of expertise is fiction. I enjoy telling tales.

Wait, did you catch that? A little literary humor. Haha, I crack myself up!

But, I also love reading fiction. I love books in general, and as a kid, I had a residence in my neighborhood library!

I wanted to make that a thing for all little bookworms, those who know they are and others who have yet to discover it.

So, I started The Sassy Writer to inspire writers to bring out the badass inside of them and write dope books!

I also designed a few sassy shirts that help you express yourself, as well as give books back to those little bookworms we mentioned earlier.

So, visit me at The Sassy Writer, and learn something new. Buy a t-shirt, let everyone know you stopped by and helped get a book in someone’s hand.

Stay along for the ride!